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The Clean Energy Commitment is a call to action to cut air pollution and leave a healthier and better future for our kids and grandkids.

By encouraging renewables like wind and solar, increasing energy efficiency and ending unfair energy policies, we can dramatically reduce harmful pollution. We believe taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay subsidies for energy companies that make billions in profit — and then again for the damage done by pollution.

Moving rapidly to clean energy is good for the health of our families, especially children and seniors. It will be also a big step towards reducing the damaging impacts of climate change and growing a prosperous clean energy economy.

We ask our elected representatives at all levels to support The Clean Energy Commitment and work together to build policy solutions.

What we believe

Companies that contribute to carbon pollution should be responsible for its impacts

When companies are responsible for their pollution, it creates incentives for innovation and more clean energy jobs while protecting our kids and wildlife from climate change.

Taxpayers should not be subsidizing the energy sources of the past

Rather than using taxpayer money to subsidize the energy sources of the past, we need sensible incentives for the clean, innovative, and job-creating energy sources of the future.

Everyone should have the freedom to choose clean, affordable energy

Outdated rules are still limiting who has access to clean energy. Government rules shouldn’t stand in the way of our freedom to choose clean energy.

Our partners

National Wildlife FederationYoung ConservativesEDFChristian CoalitionAmerican Security ProjectMom's Clean Air ForceDefend Our Future

Climate change is a national security threat that America’s military, and militaries around the world are taking seriously. The science is definitive enough for action: the military knows that you cannot have 100% certainty before acting. Climate change alone will not cause wars, but it serves as an “accelerant of instability” or a “Threat Multiplier” that makes already existing threats worse. The time has come for us to get serious, and the Clean Energy Commitment is a prudent way forward.

Brigadier General Stephen Cheny, USMC (Ret.)

CEO, American Security Project

Investing in clean energy spurs manufacturing and construction jobs, improves air quality and reduces carbon pollution, protects wildlife and our outdoor traditions, and helps reduce energy costs. We’re proud to bring our Federation of hunters, anglers, birders, and other outdoor enthusiasts to this diverse partnership, which has come together to sign the Clean Energy Commitment and prioritize growing our domestic clean energy economy, rather than subsidizing dirtier sources of energy.

Collin O’Mara

President and Chief Executive Officer, National Wildlife Federation

We need the Clean Energy Commitment because America should lead the world in cleaner, more secure energy choices that create American jobs and protect our environment. But today, this shift is being slowed by politics. It is essential to broaden the base of support for energy policy reform, and young conservatives are ready to lead.

Michele Combs

Chairman and Founder, Young Conservatives for Energy Reform


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